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Will Vaso - Meditech EECP treatment remove my heart blockage?

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All the cardiac patient main concern is they would have already undergone an angiogram procedure from there; they would know that they have blocks in the coronary vessels.  They approach the physician thinking that the treatment physician provide them will able to remove the blocks. But actually, none of the treatment procedure which is offered to the patient will remove the blocks. The objective of any treatment in cardiology is to improve the blood supply beyond the blocked artery, and this is achieved by various method one is medical management, second is bypass surgery, third is angioplasty.  Now this new treatment called Vaso- Meditech EECP can able to improve blood supply beyond the blocked artery.  So after the procedure, the block is not removed, but the patient symptom comes down and he can able to walk more distance because the blood supply, which is distal to the block is restored. The patient heart muscle is now getting more blood supply than before.