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EECP Treatment for Heart Blockage Without Surgery Possible?

Dr.S.Ramasamy, Non Invasive cardiology & EECP expert Replies,

Fear of Surgery | Alternative To Bypass Surgery

The main objective is to avoid undergoing Angioplasty or bypass surgery. Some of the major reasons for them to avoid these procedures are fear of the surgical procedures, its complications, the financial burden it can cause to the family, not fully satisfied with the cardiologist's recommendation, and finally, the strong belief that they don't need surgery now.

Unclog the arteries / Blockage removal

Some of these cardiac patients do end up with an option given by untrained doctors in the cardiology field or popularly advertised Intravenous chelation therapy to unclog the arteries. They claim that they will be able to remove the blockages in the Heart naturally. The assurance removing the blockage from the blood vessel causes patients to be easily misled and make the wrong decision based on the wrong information given to them deliberately. The truth is no treatment can completely remove the well-formed plague or blockages inside your artery. The blockages contain many dead cells and cholesterol crystals, so it cannot be dissolved or removed. If any attempt was made to remove or break the blockages into pieces, this will cause the small pieces to move down the vessels and completely obstruct the small vessel, leading to a heart attack.

Non-surgical cardiac treatment

In many instances, not all cardiac patients need Bypass surgery or Angioplasty. They are advised since there is no proven alternative available to control their symptoms until now. At the same time, patients should remember Bypass surgery, and Angioplasty are unavoidable only when they become unstable. However, many patients who are stable and evaluated by cardiac experts now have another approved new treatment option in cardiology, which is the Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment, which is non-surgical, like what the patients want. It is safe, so they are in good hands. It is well validated by science with evidence, so they are undergoing a treatment where doctors are trained, and improvement can be assessed, cost-effective, which is a major blessing for many patients. High treatment cost is a hindrance for thousands of cardiac patient's to access health.

Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment

Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment is also called as Natural Bypass. It has been shown to improve new blood vessels around the blocked artery naturally. So the blockages are not needed to be removed, but it is made irrelevant since now blood flow can naturally bypass these blocked arteries.