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What is EECP Treatment / EECP Therapy

EECP, an acronym for Enhanced External Counterpulsation, is a completely safe, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive outpatient treatment for relieving and eliminating angina. EECP Treatment / EECP Therapy is painless, carries no risk and has no adverse side effects.

Angina refers to the condition where an individual experiences chest pain or discomfort. It often feels like someone is squeezing the heart or the chest area. Pain may also be felt around the neck, jaw or back. Angina is experienced because there is reduced blood flow to the heart, which in turn can be caused by a number of factors.

Thus, angina is an underlying symptom for coronary heart disease. Consequently, if angina is eliminated, then the risk of heart disease and heart failure is drastically reduced. This result is what EECP seeks to achieve. It has been conclusively proved that about 90% of patients who complete the therapy gain significant relief. A three to five year follow up study on the same patients revealed that they remained free of angina and had good improvements.

Is EECP safe? Is EECP effective?

The effectiveness of EECP has been well documented in studies from around the world. Randomized trials have shown that EECP treatments have led to reduction in symptoms of angina and increase in exercise tolerance.
Some of the beneficial effects of EECP that have been proved by scientific studies includePatient can walk more distance without chest pain, there is a general increase in exercise tolerance and lesser fatigue.

  • Patient would have fewer instances of or no experience of angina
  • Episodes of angina would be less painful
  • Patient need for anti-anginal medications can be reduced.
  • Improved ventricular function, reduced blood pressure, heart palpitation and strengthened heart muscles
  • Upon completion of the treatment, patients would be more energetic and confident in their approach

The cases when patients should not undergo EECP include

  • If the patient has aortic insufficiency
  • If the patient has dilated aorta
  • If the patient suffers from, an irregular heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation, severe hypertension, peripheral artery disease involving the legs, or a history of deep venous thrombosis.

Heal Your Heart, a unit of Vaso-Meditech, has pioneered the EECP treatment in India.

Why Vaso-Meditech EECP And Not Other EECP / ECP Centers ?

Vaso-Meditech is the company that introduced and pioneered the EECP concept in India.

  • Only Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment has been adopted by reputed public and private hospitals across India. In Chennai, some of the hospitals that have adopted the treatment including Chettinad Health city,Frontier life line Hospital and all GH Hospitals in Tamilnadu.
  • Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment program, Non-Invasive Ischemic Burden Reduction Program (NIBR-P) is the only non-invasive program recognized by Government and reimbursed by National Insurance companies.
  • Vaso-Meditech (EECP centers) is the only treatment provider in India, to have treated more than 5000 patients under expert guidance within approved international protocol.
  • At Vaso-Meditech (EECP centers), treatment is provided by well-trained EECP therapists trained through internationally recognized training modules and supervised by expert physicians in EECP.
  • Vaso-Meditech (EECP centers) is the only one who provides internationally approved cardiology guideline treatment. We do not combine EECP treatment with other unapproved treatments like chelation ozone etc., for cardiac patients.
  • Vaso-Meditech (EECP centers) maintains Indian Patient EECP registry, which is the online patient electronic data monitoring registry portal.
  • Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment program is headed and implemented across India by Dr.S.Ramasamy, the leading expert in EECP treatment recognized nationally and internationally. He also serves as the Medical director for the International EECP Therapist Association.
  • Vaso-Meditech EECP centers' treatment results are published in reputed peer reviewed journals, both nationally and internationally.

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