EECP And Brain.

While there is more risk of cardiovascular disease in the younger and middle age groups, nervous or cerebrovascular disorders prevail in elderly individuals. Most of the age-related neurological disorders are blood flow related due to the hardened artery fails to provide the required blood flow consistently. Some of the common symptoms encountered by the elderly are memory loss, loss of reflexes, and other sensory perceptions.

There is no risk-free procedure or treatment for Restoring blood supply to your brain. EECP act as a passive exercise to improve the blood flow to your brain. EECP treatment can increase the carotid artery blood flow, which supplies the blood to your brain; treatment has shown to increase blood flow by 19%.

Studies have shown EECP has positive effects in patients with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's' disease.

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Research Articles:-

Effects of enhanced external counterpulsation on carotid circulation in patients with coronary artery disease

Is Counterpulsation a Potential Therapy for Ischemic Stroke?

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