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Franchising FAQ

Are franchising options open for Heal Your Heart open outside India?

Yes. Franchising options for Heal Your Heart are open outside India. The modalities for this will be worked through International EECP association. 

Will I be assigned an exclusive territory?

No.Being a Heal Your Heart franchise will not entitle exclusivity in territory. But the support system, training and other aspects that are delivered from Heal Your Heart will be similar across all franchises.

How much training do I get?

Franchises will be trained in centre management.The physician and a therapist will undergo training in Chennai for system operation and patient treatment. 

Will Heal Your Heart (VasoMeditech) help me if I do not make a profit?

Heal you heart will guide franchises through marketing and to improve quality of patient care. However franchises will be responsible for running the centre profitable. 

How long will it be before I break even or turn a profit?

Since the franchise also invest in the project, the viability of the project is considerably good.  Break even and profits depend on the footfalls generated, which in turn depends on awareness creation and marketing. Heal Your Heat will guide franchises through the basics. But the franchises are entirely responsible for running thcentre profitable.

What is the royalty and advertising fee? Are there any other costs involved?

Yes.The franchise should able to pay the franchise fees. The royalty and advertising fee all will be discussed in person.  

I have a property and would like to develop an EECP franchise. Will Heal Your Heart (VasoMedi-tech) develop the site and help me?

Heal YourHeart will provide information about the infrastructure requirement and interior design and also guide you in centre development.

Does Heal Your Heart (VasoMeditech) provide any financing for a prospective franchise?

Yes.Heal YourHeart will co-invest in your centre.

What are the basic conditions/qualifications for a Heal Your Heart (Vaso-Meditech) franchise?

The franchise should be

  • Interested in the medical field
  • Should be able to appoint a full-time allopathic doctor and nurse.
  • The franchise should also have skill in management of the treatment centre.
  • Have a minimum space of 1200 square feet
  • Open to an appropriate investment.
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