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How EECP Helps?

Your heart has millions of tiny blood vessels networked together. These tiny blood vessels are called collaterals. When adequately present, collaterals can carry blood by detouring it around blocked arteries. However, the development of collateral circulation is a gradual process; not everyone has the ability to develop these networks at the rate to overcome the blocked vessels and relieve chest pain by restoring the blood flow. Advancing age, cardiac risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, sedentary activity, and smoking are critical factors in slowing down the formation of natural collaterals. Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment program has been shown to improve collateral circulation and protect your heart muscles. EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this collateral circulation and makes it permanent.

EECP and Blood flow

EECP increases the blood flow to the heart muscles by gently and firmly pressing the blood vessels via the cuffs placed in the legs. More blood reaches the heart when it is relaxing. The increase in blood flow to the heart muscle eventually can restore the deficient blood supply.

The increase in blood flow to the heart muscle is achieved through two mechanisms.

(1)Accelerate the formation of new vessels around the blocked arteries. It is called Angiogenesis.
(2)Increase the diameter of the preexisting dormant collaterals and increase the blood flow. It is called Arteriogenesis. These blood vessels eventually become permanent and provide long term benefits of EECP treatment. The treatment also helps to dilate the blood vessels helping the heart to pump with ease. It will save the heart energy.

Natural Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass surgery is a mechanical and highly invasive procedure performed on patients with blocked arteries. The blocked vessels are bypassed using vessels taken from other parts of your body. Even though the vessel is taken from your own body, when we placed the artery from a different location to bypass the heart's blocked artery, it eventually damaged and closed in the long run. The reason is your body knows these vessels do not belong there.

EECP treatment, on the contrary, will open up existing dormant and forms new blood vessels across the blocked artery. These blood vessels are formed naturally, stimulated by the increase in blood flow. Hence EECP treatment is also called "Natural Bypass Treatment".

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