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How does EECP work to eliminate chest pain and angina?

Formation of network of tiny blood vessels, which make it possible for blood to detour around blocked or narrow arteries, is called collateral circulation. However, the development of collateral circulation is a gradual process and not everyone has the same ability to develop these networks at the rate that will relieve angina. EECP treatment triggers and accelerates this collateral circulation and makes it permanent.

EECP increases the blood flow to the heart muscles by gently and firmly pressing the blood vessels via the cuffs. More blood reaches the heart when it is relaxing. The increase in blood flow to the area of heart muscle not receiving enough blood supply is achieved by two means by EECP treatment

(1) Accelerated formation of new vessels around the blocked artery.
(2) Because of increase blood flow and pressure during EECP there is high pressure in open coronary arteries and lower pressure in closed arteries. Blood finds its way to the low pressure zone or area, which has decreased blood supply by opening the collaterals. These collaterals eventually become permanent.

When the collaterals become permanent, the flow of blood to the heart is normalized and patients can begin to lead an active lifestyle again. Further, with due care and diet, the benefits of the EECP treatment can be extended. However, for all the benefits to be achieved, the EECP procedure must be done with due care and in a reliable and authorized EECP centre.

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