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US (FDA) Approved Treatment
EECP Treatment for :Chest Pain Heart Failure Prevention

Welcome to Heal Your Heart®

Heal your Heart is a reputed organization of EECP treatment who are pioneers in EECP treatment in India since 2001. Heal your Heart EECP treatment centers are units of Vaso-Meditech Private limited, Chennai, India. It is a reputed organization of proficient doctors and professionals delivering pioneering heart care solutions through Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) in Non-Invasive Cardiology.

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Approved by US (FDA)

EECP is internationally recognized by US (FDA), CE Mark (Europe). EECP is mentioned in medical textbooks...

EECP Treatment

  • Cost-effective
  • Non Surgical Treatment
  • Out-patient Treatment

EECP Benefits

  • Painless
  • Carries no risk
  • No adverse side effects
Advanced heart treatment
heart disease prevention programs
Natural Bypass Very Safe Cost Effective

Indications for EECP

EECP, an acronym for enhanced External counterpulsation treatment is an advanced cardiac treatment currently pioneered by Heal your heart with National & International reputation and recognition


Angina (Chest Pain) on maximal medical therapy


Patients, who do not want to undergo Bypass surgery or angioplasty


Patients in whom Angioplasty or By-pass surgery is risky.


Failed angioplasty or By-pass Surgery Patients


Patients with low heart pumping function


Prevention of heart disease

Enhance your heart blood supply by stimulating your heart Collaterals (New blood vessels formation)

Your heart has millions of tiny blood vessels networked together. These tiny blood vessels are called Collaterals. When adequately present, collaterals can carry blood by detouring it around blocked arteries. Aging and its associated cardiac risk factors slow down the formation of these collaterals. Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment has shown to improve Collateral Ciruculation and protect your heart muscles.

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heart failure treatment
heart disease prevention programs
Improve quality of Life Improve Heart FunctionImprove survival

How Does EECP Treatment Help My Heart Function Better?

EECP is the main focus of AHFT-P EECP treatment helps in the following ways:
  • EECP improves blood flow to the heart muscle by opening dormant collaterals and forming new blood vessels, which makes the heart contract much better and strengthens the heart muscles just like your medication.
  • EECP improves blood flow to the kidneys and gets rid of the excessive fluid and sodium in the body just like your diuretic medicine.
  • EECP stimulates secretion of various hormones and dilates the blood vessels by increasing the blood flow velocity throughout the body. This is similar to what regular exercise does to your body.
  • EECP makes it easier for your heart to pump blood by dilating your blood vessels and reducing harmful hormones in your body similar to your ACE inhibitors.
  • Thus EECP provides all the benefit of medical therapy without any of the adverse effects. Medications are only effective for the duration that they are taken and need to be continued long-term for full benefits. EECP therapy can improve the patient's symptoms with only 35 sessions, with long lasting benefits.
Better Heart Function
The main objective of EECP treatment is to treat patients in an out-patient setting.
The clinic will create a heart-friendly environment with the goal of "No Hospitalization and No Fear".

Patient Testimonials

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EECP Treatment

EECP Treatment

  • Improve Shortness of breath / tiredness
  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve heart function
  • Prevent Frequent hospitalization
  • Reduce medication
  • Improve Survival

How do I live a healthy life with my poor heart function?

medication regularly

Take your medication regularly and at the right time as prescribed by your doctor

No smoking

Quit smoking

Decrease sodium  In diet

Decrease sodium (salt) in your diet

Avoid drinking alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol

active and regular exercise

Stay active by doing Regular exercise

Check Your Weight Regularly

Check Your Weight Regularly

Regular check-up

Visit Your Doctor Routinely

I Feel Better After EECP Therapy. Should I Continue Taking My Medication?

Yes. You should continue to take your medications regularly as prescribed. Your body needs the medication to keep you healthy. However, some medications may be stopped and other dosages may be reduced after EECP Treatment.


Years of experience


people treated


Happy families

heart treatment without surgery
Heart disease Prevention Treatment
heart disease prevention programs
Controls blood sugar Reduce BP Optimize cholesterol level Reverse vascular ageing

Why is Prevention better than cure in heart disease?

The cardiac disease once occurs is not curable. When cardiac risk factors mentioned above are present, your chances of getting the full-blown disease in the near future is very high. Once the disease condition occurs, it can only be managed by arresting the progression without any cure. Preventing the occurrence of cardiac disease is the only solution that is comfortable and cost-effective.

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