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heart failure treatment
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EECP Treatment for:
Heart Failure Chest Pain Prevention
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Welcome to Heal Your Heart®

Heal your Heart is a reputed organization of EECP treatment who are pioneers in EECP treatment in India since 2001. Heal your Heart EECP treatment centers are units of Vaso-Meditech Private limited, Chennai, India. It is a reputed organization of proficient doctors and professionals delivering pioneering heart care solutions through Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) in Non-Invasive Cardiology.

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Heart treatment without surgery possible?

Cardiac patients are looking for a non-surgical alternative treatment for bypass surgery or Angioplasty.

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Advised for CABG or Angioplasty with stent ?

Stable Angina patients should have these answers known to them clearly. If you have any more questions or do not understand, you should take a second opinion and get an explanation from the doctor.

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3 Life Save Question before Bypass surgery or Angioplasty ?

At the same time patients should remember Bypass surgery and angioplasty are unavoidable only when the patients become unstable. However many patients who are stable are unnecessarily advised for Bypass surgery and angioplasty. Now another approved new treatment option in cardiology, that is the Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) treatment can replace Bypass and angioplasty in these patients.

EECP treatment is non surgical, like what the patients want, It is safe and It is well validated by science with evidence, so they are undergoing a prove,Cost effective treatment, which is a major blessing for many patients when compared to Bypass surgery.

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Dr.S. Ramasamy PhD (Cardio), FCCP, FACC

Heart Specialist - Non-invasive Cardiology Consultant


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