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How are heart failure patients benefit from Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment?

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Patient with heart failure or poor pumping function, they have specific clinical characteristics which may not be controlled by medical management alone. Some of them are swelling; these patients have severe swelling in the lower leg, when then lying down in the night they will start getting a dry cough.  Some times the fluid start accumulating in the lungs during the night, and they start getting severe shortness of breath. Due to this, they may not be able to lie down and sleep, and they have to sleep in the sitting posture.  Even if they manage to sleep sometime they get up from the sleep because of shortness of breath, then doing even minor activities like taking a bath will be difficult for them and they started to having shortness of breath.

These patients will not have any, or they will try to restrict the food the reason is if they start eating food,  fluid which is accumulated in the abdomen start giving you a sensational of bloating.  So they feel like stomach is full as if they had a lot of food. So eventually they start avoiding the food.  All these clinical conditions will lead to poor quality of life in patients with heart failure. When they do EECP treatment, it increases the blood circulation to all the organs.  The patient's urine output can increase so the swelling can drastically come down, then the patient quality of life slowly start improving because the heart muscles started getting better blood supply and the heart can able to pump much effectively than before.  All this leads to a reduction in all the clinical symptom which i have pointed out earlier.  Once 35 days is completed, and these patients can retain the regular activity, slowly they can go back to the normal routine without any discomfort.