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Can Vaso-Meditech EECP improve my blood pressure and sugar control?

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Most of the cardiac patient who undergoes EECP will also have diabetes and high blood pressure so during the treatment when the EECP is improving the blood flow to the cardiac muscle also can help them to take control over the cardiac risk factors, which is blood pressure and diabetes. So what happened during EECP is it stimulate an internal environment as if the patient is doing an active exercise, EECP otherwise is called a passive exercise,  during the procedure the blood circulation increase everywhere in the body which tricks the body to think that the patient is doing a vigorous workout. Then it eventually increases blood flow and slowly starts dilating blood vessels once that vessels are dilated then the blood pressure reduces.

Second is sugar level; the high blood sugar level usually is because of the lack of physical activity.  During EECP since a blood flow increases and there is a contraction in the muscles because of the cuffs which is inflating and deflating help in utilizing more sugar into the body metabolism so that the blood sugar level can also reduce during EECP. Overall when you are undergoing EECP, you not only improve your cardiac condition but also you will take better control over your diabetes and hypertension.