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What is the difference between EECP and ECP?

Oftentimes, it has been indicated that there is no difference between EECP an ECP, as they both refer to a counter pulsation treatment. Procedure wise, they are the same. But what differs is the machinery design. EECP is the most advanced and enhanced way of delivering the counter pulsation treatment.

It is crucial that in order to promote collateral circulation, the inflation and deflation of the cuffs be correctly timed with the patient’s heartbeat. Every person is biologically unique and hence, an extremely precise and sensitive treatment set up is required to afford the full benefit to be achieved. This is possible only with the EECP machines.  EECP treatment and has been involved in extensive research and development activities over the past years. This expertise has been directly translated into the development of the EECP machines and delivering treatment. All the machines and systems are US FDA approved.

Cheaper ‘Made in China’ machines used to deliver ECP treatments have not been able to match the original machines in efficacy and product life. Neither do they have any FDA approval. Hence, it is important that patients and doctors enquire on the machines used to deliver treatment and ensure that Vaso-Meditech EECP machines are used in the centre where treatment is delivered.

Heal your Heart, a unit of Vaso-Meditech, is a leading player in delivering world class EECP treatment in India