Course Modules

Cardiac Physiology

  • Cardio vascular physiology
    a. Basic hemodynamic
    b. Cardiac cycle
    c. Coronary anatomy and circulation
  • Basis of ECG
  • Basis of arterial wave forms
  • EECP treatment basics

EECP Clinical Orientation Only for Doctors

  • EECP History, treatment strategy and mechanism of action.
  • Acute hemodynamic Changes during EECP
  • Mechanism of Action
    a. Angiogenesis
    b. Endothelial function improvement
  • Patients improved outcome
  • EECP current status and recommendation by international guidelines

EECP System Orientation

  • EECP system operation
  • Cuffs & Bladder positioning
  • ECG electrode placement
  • Identifying artifacts and correcting
  • Different lead positioning
  • EECP patient counseling

EECP Treatment Orientation

  • Diastolic augmentation
  • Inflation timing
  • Deflation timing
  • A-Value and P-Value
  • Control Strip
  • Optimal diastolic augmentation and systolic unloading
  • Simulation on inflation and deflation training.

Advance Clinical Training

  • Online data entry
  • EECP Heart failure and angina forms
  • EECP discharge summary
  • EECP clinical research and future direction

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$1000 USD

Training in India for Doctors

  • Duration : 2 - 3 Days
  • Training will be in Chennai
  • (Exclusive of Travel, Food & Lodging)
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$1250 USD

Training in India for Therapist

  • Duration : 15 Days
  • Training will be in Chennai
  • (Exclusive of Travel, Food & Lodging)
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Program Director : Dr.S.Ramasamy

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