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Technology Of Natural Bypass Treatment/Natural Bypass Therapy By Angiogenesis

The Solution for the millions of CVD Patients in India is the non-invasive, non-polluting, eco-friendly, non-medical waste and non-bio medical waste generating, EECP therapy. Promotion of angiogenesis will be the sheet anchor of alleviating cardio vascular disease burden. EECP therapy is the panacea in our view, in the face of complicated environment unfriendly invasive treatments. The low cost, risk free, beneficial outcome oriented, OUTPATIENT TREATMENT through the most modern EECP Therapy, which also would heal the heart, reduce morbidity burden and further increase state health parameters. The EECP THERAPY , which is heart friendly, is not body invasive (unlike CABG (Bypass Surgery) and PTCA (Angioplasty including stent)). The multitudes of patients of the poor and the middle class, whether covered by insurance or not, can be catered to only through this new non-invasive therapy. It may be kept in mind that not more than 7% of the reduction in CVD has been attributed in the USA due to PTCA and CABG, the rest are supported by and healed by Non-Invasive and life style changing methods.

Natural Bypass Treatment & Therapy

Simple and systemic approach on the following new innovative principle of Natural Bypass spurred by angiogenesis and collateral development will greatly reduce the health care cost and simultaneously reduce the cardiovascular burden on Society, the government and the insurance companies.

eecp india
eecp india

EECP enhances coronary collateral circulation (opening and enlarging normally closed arteries when there is blockade thereby creating alternative route of blood supply to heart muscle)

Newer advances in cardiology has shown that the cardiovascular disease be treated holistically as the disease of the entire vascular system of the human body, rather than be focused only in coronary arteries for which Bypass surgery and Angioplasty is currently advised. Presently FDA approved EECP therapy alone provides increased blood flow not only to the heart muscles but also improves the endothelial function of the entire vascular system based on the Natural Bypasses produced by Angiogenesis.

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EECP stimulates Angiogenesis (Development of new blood vessels from pre existing vessels)

Natural Bypass Surgery

The present care and not CURE, given by angioplasty, coronary bypass surgeries for CVD can only be considered palliative, since there is no cure for CVD. The new paradigm of EECP Non-invasive care, based on accelerated hemodynamic blood flow system to generate angiogenesis and open up dormant micro vessels in millions is a natural repeatable therapy, is without physical and far less financial cost to overcome coronary blood vessel occlusions in a Day Care Centre / Out Patient Therapy Centre.

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Experimental animal heart before and after EECP

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