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Can Vaso-Meditech EECP improve my cholesterol levels?

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Another common risk factor in patients with cardiovascular diseases is hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol level, so when these patients undergoing EECP treatment, we have shown the cholesterol level is also positively affected by the treatment.

There are two types of cholesterol one is bad cholesterol; another one is good cholesterol.  To reduce the bad cholesterol, certain drugs like statin can be used and to increase the good cholesterol, vigorous exercise is required. So during the EECP, we have shown  EECP can decrease your bad cholesterol and also shown to improve your good cholesterol.  So when you are taking EECP for cardiac treatment, it will affect all your cardiac risk factor positively, especially your cholesterol level by decreasing your bad cholesterol and increasing your good cholesterol. EECP can protect your vascular function and prevent future cardiovascular incidences.