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How effective is Vaso - Meditech EECP treatment when compared to bypass surgery?

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EECP is also a new procedure, which is similar to bypass surgery and angioplasty.  All these procedures can able to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle.  Here in EECP rather than by a surgical procedure, it is entirely a non-invasive way of improving the blood supply across the blocked artery.  Thereby the quality of life is improved, the improvement in patient exercise tolerance and reduction in chest pain. All these symptoms improvement is comparable to that of invasive procedure.

Another vital thing is mortality and long term survival benefit, many patients they undergo this high-risk procedure under the assumption that the surgical procedure either bypass or angioplasty will help them to avoid heart attack and prolong life. In reality, in most of the stable patients, this bypass and angioplasty can provide only improvement in your quality of life. In this sense, the benefit of EECP will be as similar as if the patient would have undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty. So, the benefits are very comparable.