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How will I know I have improved after Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment?

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Usually, the patient coming for an EECP treatment or any other cardiac treatment, when they have the following symptoms:  1) poor quality of life, 2) not able to walk as much as they use to do before, 3) chest pain very often or breathing difficult even on minor exertion or routine activity.  So all the event they used to do beforehand become very difficult, even participating in any functions also become very difficult for them because of chest pain or shortness of breath.

So, due to these symptoms, patients are put on medical management to reduce the chest pain and shortness of breath.  But once your undergo 35 days of EECP treatment the patient quality of life significantly improves, so patient can able to walk more distance, they can actively participate in events, they can do more work than before and also their medication which they are taking to reduce chest pain, shortness of breath can be drastically reduced or sometimes even stopped.   EECP treatment achieves this by significantly improving the blood supply to the heart muscle so that the patient cardiac muscle become healthy.