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Can I take Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment for less than 35 days?

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Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment complete course is for 35 days, so each day, the patient comes for 1 hour for 35 consecutive days. So in a week, six days patient undergoes this treatment. Usually, around 15 to 20 secessions, the patient starts feeling better. In a sense, some of the symptoms which made them come for the treatment will slowly begin to disappear, and the patient can able to enjoy the improved quality of life. After 15 to 20 sessions, another 15 to 20 sessions are added, the reason is once the new vessels or collaterals are formed, these additional sessions will make the collaterals permanent vessels. Some times the patient may not be able to come for 35 days, and the physician has to evaluate the patient carefully and they may able to offers the treatment two hours per day so, that they can able to complete within 18 to 20 day. This is called short-course treatment. If a patient is not able to complete 35 days of treatment, they have to stop and then come back again and then complete the remaining 15 or 10 sessions, which they are not completed.  However, a full course of 35 days yields better long term better results.