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Why are my cardiologist not recommending Vaso-Meditech EECP?

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When a cardiac patient discusses with the cardiologist about there treatment options for their heart disease, the cardiologist discusses with the patient about the various options which is available to them. Either it is medical management, or he may say that your disease is beyond medical management, and then you have to undergo an angioplasty.   Sometimes he may even discuss an angioplasty is not a possibility and probably you may have to undergo bypass surgery. 

But many time cardiologists failed to discuss or ignore any other treatment; there is another option which is called Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). The reason they don't consider EECP often is that cardiologist throughout their curriculum are trained on grafting and stenting not many of them are exposed to this new treatment called Enhances External Counterpulsation during their training. EECP is a more modern concept which gained is acceptance even into the guideline of American College and European society all this has occurred only recently in 2014 and 2015. It is a significant recommendation by international standard. Now any cardiologist when they discuss with their patients should be able to discuss EECP also as another available option to treat their heart disease.  If they don't consider EECP as an option, then there is a bias towards non-invasive option available for the patients. EECP is still new to many of these cardiologists, and they would not have seen the benefit by themselves in their clinical practice, so it might take some more time for EECP to reach all the cardiologists that they can confidently discuss with you. But now there is enough evidence which is already available, and I think EECP should be an option for heart patient if they are not willing to go for risky last resort bypass surgery and angioplasty.