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What is the guarantee that I will not get a heart attack after EECP treatment?

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One of the primary concern which places cardiac patients for cardiac treatment is the fear of getting a heart attack at any time.  They choose high-risk invasive procedures believing that the treatment would ultimately prevent them from getting the heart attack.  This is a very wrong idea which drives the patients to high-risk cardiac procedures.  In truth, any cardiac treatment, whether it is medical management or angioplasty or bypass surgery or EECP treatment, they all provide improved blood circulation to the heart muscle and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

So none of the treatment can eliminate the occurrence of the heart attack; they can only reduce the risk. Decreasing the heart attack it is not only the treatment procedure but also the lifestyle changes, control over diabetes, control over hypertension, control over your lipids, smoking cessation, weight reduction.  There are many factors involved in reducing your heart attack risks so you cannot depend entirely upon a single procedure to solve your heart attack risk. Instead, you can look at all this treatment only as an option to reduce you from getting a heart attack in the future.