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How can Vaso - Meditech EECP treatment cure my heart block?

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Many times the patient approach the physician saying they have a block in their vessels, and can they be cured of these blocks? In fact there is no actual cure for this blockage in the coronary vessels but the reality is all the treatment which is offered to the patient  whether it is a medical management or a bypass surgery or an angioplasty or a new procedure called Enhanced External Counterpulsation all are done to improve the blood supply beyond the blocked artery. So heart blockage itself is not at all cured ( or removed), but the blockage was made irrelevant because all these techniques can improve the flow across the blockage or obstruction.  In this, all methods enhanced external counterpulsation is a non-invasive approach. Here the patients are not exposed to any of the risks and then get the benefit of the treatment.