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Where is the Best Place to Get Vasomeditech EECP Treatment?

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  • Heal Your Heart Vasomeditech Pvt Ltd is the pioneer of EECP treatment in India.
  • Professionally trained staffs & physicians are available in all Heal Your Heart EECP treatment centers.
  • EECP treatment is the best treatment option for patients with angina and heart failure

Heal your heart EECP is the unit of Vaso-Meditech private limited. Who are the pioneers of the EECP treatment in India. We brought this EECP treatment to India couple of year back, probably around 6-7years back.  Vaso-Meditech not only involved in starting up EECP treatment centers but also involved in clinical research and development of EECP product as well as the clinical indications. 

Whenever starting the EECP centers we need a professional to train the therapists and physicians who are going to be involved in the day to day patients care. We are the pioneer not only in providing treatment but also in providing the training for the therapist and the physician who is involved in patients care.  The optimal level of treatment depends upon the clinical training which we provided to the therapist and the physicians. The treatment is almost 60% controlled by the system itself and the remaining  40% of patient efficacy or improvement is achieved by the qualified physician and therapist.  When and how the timing at which the cuffs to inflates and deflates in perfect synchronizing with your heart rate has been taught in an intensive training program. The training program consists not only with day to day patient care but and also by simulation software. The entire training will be provided for more than 2month for physician and therapist to achieve a high level of competence. Then only they can take care of the patients effectively, and also will improve the patient's clinical outcome. 

We have also started up multiple centers across India. Heal your heart is currently running in three states, also we have recently established the franchise unit in Kerala. Our plan is to start up multiple units across many parts of the country.  We will ensure all these centers will employ qualified physician and therapist, and a web-based control system for patients data, Where all the patient's database are pooled into a single source.

 Patients information are reviewed by interventional and also a cardio-thoracic surgeon, to make sure EECP is the right treatment for these patients.  In case of any requirements for other procedures also we do counseling to the patient and explain about various treatment its benefits and expectations. So with all this involvement we believe heal your heart EECP  is the best treatment option for any patients not only with angina and also for heart failure.