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What India Should do to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

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Dr.S.Ramasamy (Question)

 I like to ask you one question which is commonly put to any cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon why do you think India has such a huge population of cardiovascular disease and what do you think that we should do to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease in Indian population?

Dr. MukeshHariawala (Answer)

yeah, I think preventive cardiology as a subject specialty within cardiology is going to be very large. I think the way for is, education of the patients in terms of prevention, like exercise, meditation and all of those things that not change the genetic progression of disease in a patient who is predisposed to cardiovascular disease. One of the preventive cardiology methodologies that will soon be applied in India is the identification and implementation of markers in India. Cardiac Markers will tell you who is predisposed to disease and who is not and they can be prophylactically taken care of there by advocating them the right advice the right therapeutic options for overall becoming or succumbing to a catastrophic cardiovascular event.  So I think preventive cardiology will reduce a significant burden on the governing of treating heart disease (by preventing heart disease) thank you very much doctor.