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Value Proposition of Preventive Cardiology

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Preventive Cardiology is going to be the strongest factor as opposed to therapeutic Cardiology when concerned to economic factor.

Dr.S.Ramasamy (Question)     

we want to ask you a question, what is the value proposition of the economic city of the preventive cardiology?

Dr. MukeshHariawala (Answer)

yeah, I think as I mentioned economics and any healthcare decisions all over the world including India will play a critical role in choosing what is optimized for a population like India.  Preventive cardiology is going to be the strongest factor, economically speaking as opposed to therapeutic cardiology. So prevention, as opposed to therapy, is a far better option even at the government level and policy decision-making levers even cardiologists and cardiac thoracic surgeons should identify. let us reduce the healthcare burden on the country let us take on social responsibility in addition to our scientific responsibilities and let us bring it down that is where I think preventive cardiology will become the forefront of treating heart disease as opposed to all the big interventions and expensive interventions currently offered in the country