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The Relevance of the New Non-Invasive Cardiac Treatment India Cardiac

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  • Though coronary vessels are smaller in Indian population than in western population generally Indians are more prone to have heart disease.
  • EECP treatment will be more effective to Indian patients due to its coronary artery anatomy and blockage presentation.

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation ( EECP)

Dr.S.Ramasamy (asking a question) 

Could you be able to elaborate something about this new treatment (EECP) into the Indian scenario how effective it could be to the Indian population because there is a lot of data is coming and showing the Indian population can be completely different from the European or the US, so how relevant is new technology (EECP) to the Indian population? 

Dr.Mukesh Hariawala(Answer) 

 Well, more than the relevance of the technology. You need to understand this coronary artery disease in an Indian patient is different from coronary artery disease in an American or a European patient. The basic difference is there is a very high preponderance of genetic predisposition to disease. So genetically Indians are more prone to heart disease. To begin with, the other thing is that in Indian heart disease the vessels are smaller than the Western population it is easier to do surgery on a European or an American patient then to do surgery on an Indian patient.