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Impact of New Evolving Non-Invasive Cardiac Treatment Effectiveness and Potential in India?

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Angiogenesis – Proliferation of  new blood vessels on the heart from existing blood vessels.

EECP would be helpful in diabetes, hypertension and who have diffuse disease in coronaries.

EECP treatment can be very helpful in patients with diabetes and diffuse vessel disease.

EECP treatment addresses small vessel or microvessel disease where bypass surgery and angioplasty cannot help the patients.

As a cardiothoracic surgeon, you might have operated thousands of patients. Now as a pioneer in angiogenesis, what is your take on evolving new treatment. Do you think any of the evolving new treatment has a great impact on upcoming cardiac patients?

When the potential, I think any kind of new treatment that is documented in the western world by FDA clinical trials or having a CE approval in Europe, that is the great opportunity for India. Because every new therapy let me give you the example of one of the therapy that I am very fond of talking positively about because it incorporates science that I had an opportunity in Harvard  Boston to do some early investigational and research work and that is the science called angiogenesis. Angiogenesis and it is one of the lectures, yet I am supposed to give at this world congress year in Mount Abu. Angiogenesis is a very advanced science which is not still very clearly understood in India. It is the science where the proliferation of new blood vessels on the heart from existing blood vessels. So to extrapolate that information in the disease state of a heart patient is that when a person has coronary artery disease they are offered initial options of angiography, angioplasty, subsequently stent.

Currently, all over the world bypass surgery is differed for a future date, bypass surgery in the past when I did my training was the first option. Now the bypass surgery is given as the last option the reason is because there are other therapies that are out to there one of the very promising therapy is EECP followed by shock wave therapy both of them utilize the principles of angiogenesis is stimulation of growth of blood vessels using EECP technology or shock wave therapy to provide micro-level collateral circulation to an ischaemicmyocardium . An ischaemic myocardium for the common man is where blood supply cannot reach. If blood supply cannot reach a certain tertiary of the heart, which means there is inadequate oxygenation. Inadequate oxygenation gives rise to breathlessness, chest pain, deprivement of quality of life.

So there are several implications, but fortunately, there is promising therapy as I mentioned like EECP that can circumvent that patient who is not a candidate for bypass surgery or angioplasty or stent. Especially diabetes hypertensive, and those who have a diffuse disease. Diffuse disease patients who cannot accept a stent because of the size of the artery. I as the surgeon cannot put a bypass graft because the recipient's vessels are very small. EECP technology is a technology that addresses small vessels and not the big vessels. That is the very large opportunity to treat India patients who are suffering from microvessels disease and EECP is well documented as a standard option in the western world for patients who fall into that class of category.