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Non-Invasive Cardiac Treatment EECP can it be an Alternative to Bypass and Angioplasty

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  • EECP Treatment provide angiogenic stimulation and perfusion to territories which is non bypassable.
  • In Indian map, footprint of EECP technology is getting increased.

EECP is an effective treatment in stimulating angiogenesis or new vessel formation.

In India, EECP treatment centers will increase as the awareness and patient education about heart disease increases.

(Dr. Ramasamy asking question) would you think this new treatment would have some effects on the existing treatment or you think it is only suitable for a group, which cannot go for this standard mode of treatment?                       

  No, I think it has a great value in probably with an expansion of an indication of non-invasive therapies. It could work very well in synergy with existing therapy. For example, you apply a combination therapy in patients where you can do two grafts but the third portion is non-graftable. You can apply EECP therapy that it begins some angiogenic stimulation and perfusion to territories which was not bypassable. So one can say it is a bypass to bypass surgery for the specific zone that was under the revascularized by conventional therapy. The other thing is that following bypass surgery and stent as patients continue to live longer the average life span of in India is now increasing. But with increasing age there is also going to be a native progression of disease in that native progression of the disease, there will be some group of patients who will qualify as redo bypass surgery patients. Redo bypass surgery patients as you know is a very high morbid procedure. The higher mortality than the first time procedure.

There will be many patients who may make a social if not a scientific kind of decision that they would prefer EECP that very much could be encouraged. It is at least there is some offering as the push to none. There will be some patients who will have no bypass able territories. EECP can be offered again to those patients. So again even in a second tire of offering a therapeutic option to the patients. EECP has a role. Thus if you look at the whole map within India the footprint of EECP has to increase. There will be augmentation but a significant role for augmentation of the EECP footprint in India is going to be directly proportional to the education of the Indian population, education of cardiac surgeon and cardiologist. It is the combination of this spectrum that will take EECP to next level and I am talking specifically about service to our population that is an opportunity for EECP technology to provide the service to the population.