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How does Vaso-Meditech EECP Treatment Works?

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  • EECP treatment improves the blood flow across the blocked arteries which are called as collateralization.
  • Angiogenesis- New blood vessel formation around the blocked arteries happens during the treatment.
  • EECP treatment helps to restore your blood vessel functions and also restore your blood flow to the heart muscles.

Patients who come for EECP, what they have is coronary artery disease, blockage in the coronary vessels. Most of these patients know about the bypass surgery or angioplasty, where they may able to put a graft or stent a vessel. Very few will know about another option called enhanced external counterpulsation.  What this new treatment do is it push the blood from your lower leg towards the heart in synchronization with your heartbeat. So every heartbeat it pushes the blood from your leg toward the heart. When it does continuously for every beat, Every hour for 35 hours continuously what happens is the blood flow to the heart muscle significantly increases due to this continuous pushing the blood towards the heart.

The blood in the heart muscle now goes double or thrice the normal blood volume and because of the increased blood flow towards the heart muscle the blood tries to flow across the blocked arteries and this we call as collateralization. So once the blood can able to detour blocked arteries by forming new vessels around the blocked arteries we call it as angiogenesis ( new vessel formation). This increased blood flow can able to go to the area where is a deficiency of blood flow. So the blood flow to this area is restored. EECP not only act by improving the blood flow across the heart muscles it also acts on the entire vascular system.

You all may know cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon or physician would commonly advise you to walk regularly. How this regular walking helps your heart? This because during exercise the blood flow is increased across your vascular system and it also improves blood vessels function. And once the blood vessels function is improved then your chances of getting a heart attack and chances of repeat hospitalization will drastically reduced, So EECP act as a form of an aggressive exercise. So it pushes the blood not only into your coronary artery it also opens up the dormant collaterals, across the blocked arteries, and it also increases the blood flow across the various part of your body.

And what happens is it improves an important function of a vascular system called the endothelial function. Once this endothelial function is improved your vasculature becomes healthy. So EECP can also help you to restore your vascular function and restore your blood flow to the heart muscle. So these two important functions can able to help you to recover from your heart diseases and also improve your quality of life, decrease your chest pain, also you walk more distance.

And also many patients on medical management with this EECP treatment they can able to reduce certain medication like nitrates which they are taking for their chest pain and some of the medication which you taking for diabetic and blood pressure all have been reduced by taking 35 hours of EECP treatment.