EECP Treatment Center Royapettah, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Heal Your Heart

Heart healing and rejuvenation center (HHRC) was started in 2009 as a clinical center of excellence by Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd. The center has trained number of physician and therapist in EECP treatment and cardiac rehabilitation program. The center act as the Clinical head for the Heal your heart program for India. The center Medical Director Dr.S.Ramasamy is Pioneer and expert in EECP treatment. He is also elected as the International Medical Director for International EECP therapist association (IETA). He serves as an EECP consultant for various cardiologist centers in Chennai

The center combines EECP treatment with cardiac rehabilitation program and arterial stiffness and central pressure management. This will help the physician to determine patient's clinical progress at various stages which enable to treat the patient more efficiently

The center is a major referral center for EECP patients among cardiologist and cardiac thoracic surgeons.

The center is recognized for its expertise in Refractive angina and heart failure management. The center also provides EECP as a primary and preventive treatment.

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