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Will my EF improve after Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment?

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Actually, heart failure is a misnomer, Heart failure does't mean that heart has completely failed; it only means it's not adequately pumping as it supposes to be.  Normal heart pumping function is around 60 to 65% so in patients with heart failure, the heart pumping efficacy would be less than 40 %. When this type of patient when they undergo 35 days of EECP the common question is would the heart pumping efficacy can be improved after 35 days of EECP treatment.

Here it depends upon a lot of factors,some times heart pumping function is reduced when the patient had a severe heart attack.  Once you had a heart attack, some of the heart muscle will be destroyed, so if the muscles are dead then we cannot able to recover the death muscle to normal. In many instances, these patients would have the muscle which can recover to normal, but because of reduced blood supply, it is not adequately pumping. In this instance when we do 35 days of EECP treatment and improve the blood supply to the heart muscle this muscle can able to recover certain function so the overall pumping function what we call as an ejection fraction can improve.  So the improvement of ejection fraction depends upon the patient's cardiac status whether the muscle is dead or still it is alive, and it is not pumping as it is supposed to be.