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Why Some Cardiologist don't Advise Vaso-Meditech EECP to Heart Disease?

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  • CABG and Angioplasty are complex treatment modalities available to treat Coronary Artery Disease.
  • Compare to other invasive procedures, EECP as non-invasive, is cost effective and available in many centers.
  • Many clinical papers and publications are available about EECP treatment. 

Coronary artery disease is a highly complex disease. So the management is also complex. The management of coronary artery disease is bypass surgery (CABG) and (PTCA) angioplasty both are complex treatment modality. EECP is a simple non-invasive solution when compared to the complex intervention solution offered by the cardiologist, it is also cost effective and it can be easily reproduced in many centers.

I think this has created a kind of bias in cardiologist mind. Most of the EECP clinical papers and guidelines are all very recent. In fact, from 2013-2016, many clinical papers have been published and many cardiologist textbook and guidelines have recommended this EECP treatment. So most of the cardiologist now will not have looked at EECP or read EECP in their standard curriculum.  Possibly this is why the cardiologist is biased. They haven’t had this curriculum during their clinical education.

The important question now is it is been recommended by the guidelines and textbook. I think your cardiologist when you speak about your heart disease should also discuss EECP as an option for your cardiac disease,  if the physician or interventional cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon refuses to discuss EECP then probably they are withholding some information for you. Which may be very helpful for your heart disease management?

So even if your cardiologist doesn’t advice EECP. I think as a patient, you should ask about EECP as an option and let the cardiologist explain to you. Currently, because of the high recommendation for EECP, the cardiologist should not refuse and if they refuse, I think they are not giving all the information about the treatment option which is available to you. This is very hard to see in spite of so much of publication and supported by the government and insurance, still only a very less number of patients are benefiting by this very effective treatment. So we advise as a patient you have all right to ask your cardiologist and get the information about EECP. If not you can always have EECP information from Heal your Heart  EECP centers and take a second opinion from any of our EECP centers across the country.