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Cost-effectiveness of Non-Invasive Cardiac Treatment in India

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Dr.S.Ramasamy ( Question)

I would like to know you have mentioned about this non-invasive treatment and I've been privileged to attend your lecture on this health economics. What would be the relevance of this non-invasive treatment in Indian scenario because you know India is a very large country where almost 20 million people have the cardiovascular disease so how would this non-invasive treatment, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) be pushed in as a cost-effective modality for the patients?

Dr. MukeshHariawala( Answer)

 If one does the math or run the algorithms of the cost compared to the value proposition that you offer to a certain group of population is that a non-invasive therapy if it provides that symptomatic relief to a very large population in India I think the eventual burden on the people and the Government of India will decline. That is where I think EECP has a significant role so EECP is doing two things, it is providing relief to patients but it is also giving an impact and reducing the economic burden on India for healthcare so it is a twin approach that you are serving society so because those resources let us spend heavily on health care that will decline and can be used much more for maybe rural development and other purposes because you are addressing a health care need applying principles of economics