EECP Treatment Center Adukkamparai, Vellore, Tamil Nadu , India

Government Medical College Hospital

Government Medical College Hospital
Government Medical College Hospital
Government Medical College Hospital

Government Vellore Medical College (GVMC) or Government Vellore Medical College Hospital (GVMCH) is a Medical Council of India (MCI) recognised medical college located at Adukkamparai, near Vellore city in Tamil Nadu. It is about 8 km from Vellore Town Bus Terminus. Established in 2005, it is a relatively new medical college in Tamil Nadu, offering an MCI recognised MBBS course,MD[General Medicine],MS[General Surgery].

Cardiology Department in the Government kilpauk Medical Hospital has set up EECP department with EECP systems with in-patient facility for patient who needs hospitalization and Intensive care back up. The center has centralized oxygen connection available to heart failure patients.

Honourable Minister of Health and Family welfare, Dr.C.Vijayabaskar with Honourable Minister of Education K.C.Veramani , Dr.R.Nandha Gopal IAS,Vellore district collector and Dr.S.Ramasamy EECP Consultant and Vaso-Meditech Director inaugurating EECP ward.

Dr.S.Ramasamy Explaining EECP treatment to Honorable Health Minister Dr.C.Vijaya Bhaskar

The EECP department is run by Heal your heart unit of Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd

Dr.S.Ramasamy EECP consultant and expert was appointed in charge for the EECP ward.

The center treats average 25-30 patients per day under EECP based ischemic Burden reduction Program (IRP).

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