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KG Hospitals

KG Hospitals
KG Hospitals

K.G. Hospital is run by K. Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust, was founded in 1974 by K. Govindasamy Naidu, a leading industrialist and philanthropist from Coimbatore. Started as a 25-bed hospital in 1974, the hospital is today a 200-bed multi-specialty high-tech hospital offering a variety of healthcare services.

With the reputation of being one of the finest medical centers in the country, the Hospital has grown into a completely self-contained healthcare unit boasting some of the most sophisticated equipments available in the world to earn national recognition as a leader in providing World Class Health Service to the common man at affordable cost.

The Hospital, today, has on call more than 250 doctors, 800 nurses and Para-medical staff and is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic facilities like MRI and 3D CT Scanner. The hospital is the third center in India to have successfully conducted a Cadaver Kidney transplant.

K.G. Hospital and staff are bound by values that form the foundation of our success. This institution is driven by its core values Respect, Social Justice, Compassion, Care for the poor and underserved and Excellence in whatever they do.

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