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Prime Indian Hospitals
Prime Indian Hospitals

The hospital is in proximity to Meerut residents and is first comprehensive, multi speciality health care setup in Western UP and Uttaranchal. The hospital is well equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.  The hospital offers health care facilities in a myriad of sectors such as OPD, Emergency services, Blood Bank facilities, IPD services, Holistic Services, Dermatology, Gynae, Paediatrics, physiotherapy, respiratory internal medicine and much more.
Well equipped with modern technology designed to optimise manpower, land and energy. The hospital uses labour-saving technologies that maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness. The cheerful interior design of the hospital is conducive to patient’s faster recovery and rehabilitation. The friendly ambience of the hospital and our cheerful team pays attention to well being of patients and improvement in patient care services.
The hospital uses a wide range of technological facilities to diagnose and treat various ailments that are amongst the best roads to recovery. We believe in offering best quality services by harnessing information technology to provide better, cheaper and faster services to our patients.

Cardiac Clinic
When it is about achieving clinical excellence, what matters the most is correct diagnosis, effective therapy and results. The innovations to treatments and the discoveries made by undergoing research in the field of cardiology are greatest measures of academic excellence.  Our department of cardiology at Prime Indian Hospitals, offers a wide range of services in diagnosis and management of heart diseases. Our competent team of best cardiology doctors belonging to various cardiac sub-specialists treat all types of heart surgery.
Our cardiology department is well equipped with general wards, high dependency unit, intermediate care area and Intensive coronary care unit (ICCU) . Also, we have physiotherapy centre, cardio rehabilitative and preventive cardiology units. Our cardiologist has been providing emergency services 24 hours for treatment of life threatening heart conditions such as heart attack. Our department has India’s best cardiologist that provides specialised services for cardio health care to inpatients and outpatients.
Our researches and latest innovations in cardiac treatment plans and cardiac therapies help to heal patients of all ages.  We offer treatments for conditions such as artery problems, heart failure, valvular heart disease, angina and other such. To offer the best available treatments to our patients, our specialised team of cardiologists makes use of a broad range of treatment plans. This includes – health care procedures, medications and lifestyle modification recommendations.

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