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Doctor Testimonials

Leading cardiac specialists and doctors from around the world have attested to the efficacy of EECP treatment. Further, the EECP procedure has withstood the strength of scientific scrutiny and proved that in 90% of the cases, there is a marked reduction in symptoms of angina. Please find below some of the testimonials about Heal Your Heart and the EECP procedures from doctors.



EECP is a non-invasive option to improve myocardial blood flow. The treatment has good utility in heart failure patients with poor quality of life.


EECP is recommended for Patients with refractory angina not amenable for Percutaneous Interventions and surgical revascularization as well as Heart failure patients Class II, III


EECP is very unique because its mode of action is on the smaller vessels in the heart, which are too small for bypass surgery or angioplasty. The treatment works in different area of the blood circulation where Bypass surgery and Angioplasty cannot access. This suits well for Indian patients who are diabetes with smaller vessel diameter diffusely diseased involving multiple vessels which are difficult to bypass or angioplasty.


I have seen many of my patients getting better and started doing 30-45 minutes exercise. What’s surprising is they were not even able to walk 3 minutes due to their cardiac symptom before the treatment. I believe EECP had great potential in the management of patient with chronic stable Angina.