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Non-Invasive Central Aortic Blood Pressure Based Hypertension Management

In the Heart Healing and Rejuvenation Centre – Royapettah Chennai SphygmoCor Pulse Wave Analysis and Velocity: (FDA Approved) facility is provided to complement the EECP Therapy.

Whas is Novel About this?

The central (at the heart) blood pressure is determined presently by invasive arterial catheterization, sometimes endangering the life of the patient.

SphygmoCor state of the art computer controlled apparatus system derives the central blood pressure and arterial stiffness Non-Invasively. Presently this system can predict heart attack, stroke and renal failure and can be used in patient management and in preventive cardiology. The central systolic and pulse pressure are now considered by world class hypertension experts as a better predictor of cardiovascular events and outcome than normally read arm cuff peripheral systolic and pulse pressure. SphygmoCor uses Central Aortic pressure in anti hypertensive treatment, which is the state of the art way of management. The system can be used also prior to and post EECP sessions to assess the vascular improvement and drug management of the patients.

Reducing Peripheral stiffness and cardio vascular risk with medication is another primary utility of SphygmoCor.Titrating the dose of medication is crucial for management of Hypertension. It is also conducive to compare the effect of different anti hypertensive medications on arterial stiffness and blood pressure. Patients can be impressed upon to comply better with medication since they can feel the difference by SphygmoCor driven medication prescription. It is observed that advising patients that they will have their Blood pressure measured at their heart instead of in their arm improves patient compliance vastly. Central aortic systolic and pulse pressure is the New Gold standard in Hypertension management than the Normal Brachial arm cuff pressure. Our SphygmoCor based Hypertension management centre is a trail blazer in India.

SphygmoCor FDA approved system, exclusively marketed by our company is utilized for valuable non-Invasive management of cardio vascular risk. This equipment has demonstrated that carotid / femoral pulse wave velocity can be predictive of cardio vascular risk. Similarly aortic pulse wave velocity is also a strong independent predictor of CVD risk and mainly of mortality due to CVD. It may be mentioned that peripheral cuff blood pressure is not the same as the central aortic pressure and the latter is the determinant of cardio vascular disease. As a corollary central pressure cannot be reliably estimated from the peripheral cuff pressure. The state of the art cardio vascular centre proposed by us mandates the usage of SphygmoCor to use the central pulse pressure to correlate the threshold for cardio vascular risk across all ages of the patients. The arterial stiffness which is compromised in renal patients can also be perceived through the SphygmoCor. Early prediction of mortality of renal patients can be made by the SphygmoCor.

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