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How Does EECP Therapy Work?

EECP THERAPY uses a proprietary technology to inflate and deflate a series of pneumatic cuffs enclosing the lower extremities of the patients. Treatment is administered on a padded table in which three sets of electronically controlled inflation and deflation valves are located. These valves are connected to specially designed adjustable cuffs that are wrapped around the patient's calves, lower thighs, and buttocks. Significant air pressure is applied to the arteries and veins of the patients. Timing for inflation and deflation is regulated by running ECG signals through a microprocessor that monitors safety and precision. By timing the inflation and deflation sequence to the patient's cardiac cycle, there is an increase in diastolic aortic pressure, thereby increasing coronary perfusion pressure. The goal of treatment is to eliminate or reduce CVD symptoms by increasing myocardial perfusion (blood flow) and reducing the workload of the heart.

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Three sets of cuffs in lower limbs inflate sequentially from distal to proximal one by one and then all cuffs deflate simultaneously for every cardiac cycle

Treatment usually consists of one-hour sessions, six days a week for six weeks or two one-hour sessions daily for 3 weeks. Most patients experience reduction in symptoms of stable angina and Congestive Heart Failure, increased exercise capacity, and a resumption of many activities of daily living and they can report back to work. They do not lose wages. They do not lose their avocations. So the common man will have his job protected while his heart is healed and rejuvenated at very low cost non-invasively. The continual medication costs significantly get reduced for the EECP THERAPY treated patients.

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Clinical trials have confirmed that EECP therapy can improve quality of life, reduce repeat hospitalization and enhance functional status of the patients. Importantly, EECP therapy offers a clinically beneficial treatment option for patients who don't want to go for risky and expensive invasive interventions, but who incur high expenditure for medication associated with the disabling disease of CVD.

We re-stress that Angiogenesis is the new mantra in medical world for the treatment for Cardio vascular diseases. Several Invasive methods of angiogenesis have been prophesied but they have fallen on the wayside because of their toxic side effects and astronomical cost. The Non-Invasive EECP method of Angiogenesis, collateral development and natural bypass has been approved by FDA USA. The very simplicity of the process, mass reach, low cost, replicable nature of the EECP is the USP of the angiogenesis process and thus the nature of panacea of EECP stands very clearly distinguished. This is the only CVD Treatment not having any Side effects.

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