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Growth of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation treatment In Tamil Nadu the national capital for Health care Industry

Cardiovascular disease currently has become one of the major health threats of our nation. The burden it causes in society is increasing in alarming rate. The impact of high end invasive expensive cardio vascular technology negates productivity in the family and in society.

Need for a  new innovative non-Invasive heart friendly, natural angiogenesis producing, safe and effective cardiac treatment is of at most important in current scenario for our nation. Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) treatment exactly suits to need of the nation. The treatment is US FDA approved and recommended by both American college and European College of cardiology. This treatment program will be a great initiative and will be a boon for thousands of cardiac patients across India both in urban and rural areas.

Tamil Nadu is the first state to identify the potential of using effective non invasive EECP treatment to help the cardiac patients both in rural and urban area who are not a candidate or refused invasive treatment like bypass surgery and angioplasty. The Vasomeditech EECP treatment program which they have initiated in June 2013 has been a great success. Currently  Eleven premium Government Medical college Hospitals have started the Non-Invasive Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment program under the cardiology department of the respected medical college hospitals. They have successfully completed treating more than 1500 patients with 25 systems installed within a  short span of time in Government Hospitals.

The treatment success is due to Government initiative to cover the treatment under its powerful and reputed state flag ship state insurance policy namely, Chief Minster Comprehensive health Insurance Scheme, Tamil Nadu Government Employee Health Insurance Scheme and Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners Scheme.

This program has definitely improve cardiac health across the state and turn the common man suffering from cardiac vascular disease due to coronary artery obstruction productive to his family and to their nation.

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