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New Study in Circulation Journal Highlights the potential benefit of EECP in Blood Cholesterol Level

New Study published on American journal circulation  2016 shows EECP may able to reduce cholesterol level in patient undergoing EECP treatment.  The Data published by Indian Cardiologist group from Chennai and Gujarat has opened up a new clinical research in EECP treatment.  The positive change in blood cholesterol level achieved during EECP is greater than what we can able to achieve through regular exercise program.  This is very important since most of the patient with severe coronary artery disease have very poor exercise tolerance due to angina or heart failure symptoms.  In these group of patient a positive change in cholesterol level may have a great benefit in progression of the disease as well as prevention of future heart attack.

The EECP treatment in this study showed  14%  reduction in Total Cholesterol ,  22% reduction in Triglycerides, 16% reduction in LDL, 20% reduction in VLDL and 8% increase in HDL level. Commenting on the study the lead author Dr.S.Ramasamy said  "This level of improvement  in blood cholesterol level achieved during 35 days of EECP treatment will have not only potential benefit in coronary artery disease  patients with poor exercise tolerance but also may open up a new avenue  in using EECP as a preventive tool to protect against future cardio vascular disease".

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