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Why You Should Ask Your Doctor to Recommend EECP Therapy?

EECP Therapy, Non-Invasive treatment for patient with Cardio Vascular Disease, is given as outpatient treatment so no need for hospitalization.

Treatment is well recognized and used in Major cardiac hospitals around the world and in some cities of India.

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EECP therapy is safe and effective treatment which is approved by FDA of USA and recommended by American Heart Association /American College of Cardiology Guideline.

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EECP Therapy can be given as the only option to Coronary bypass surgery and Angioplasty for patients suffering from severe coronary artery disease who are not amenable for intervention or, are unwilling for interventional procedures.

EECP Therapy is proven to be safe and effective even in patients who had Coronary artery Bypass surgery and Angioplasty before and now are again suffering due to graft occlusion or stent restenosis. This is very common in India due to high prevalence of diabetes mellitus.

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The highly risky redo surgeries and stenting can be reduced.

EECP can also be initiated as treatment for cardiac ischemia and thus postpone invasive procedures by enhancing the heart function for a long time. So the repeat EECP after 5-6 yrs may alone be sufficient. Such a therapy will be a boon for most CVD patients.

The treatment benefit is sustainable over a long time and it's not temporary.

Collateral benefit of EECP-THERAPY includes improved kidney functions, increased peripheral arterial circulation, reduced arterial stiffness and reduced erectile dysfunction. In short, entire vascular system of the body is rejuvenated.

EECP-THERAPY protocol does not involve any IV injection or any additional medication such as EDTA, which are dangerous and harmful.

Post Heart Attack, poor heart function (Heart failure) and chronic Angina, has a ready remedial care from EECP-THERAPY.

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EECP-THERAPY is very unique because its mode of action is also on the smaller vessels in the heart microcirculation which are too small for Bypass surgery or Angioplasty. The treatment works in different area of the blood circulation where Bypass surgery and Angioplasty cannot reach and where complicated diffuse obstructions in coronary blood vessels are left untreated (un bypassed or un stented). These blocks serve as a trigger for future life threatening cardio vascular episodes requiring hospitalization.

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Micro vascular Angina, afflicting majority of the women of India, can be easily dealt with by EECP therapy.

The Non-Invasive EECP Therapists treat their patients with chest pain and poor exercise tolerance, who can not be given any more medication and can not be advised surgical Intervention.

It is clinically proven that EECP- THERAPY achieves the following hemodynamic benefits for majority of EECP patients and relieves the burden of CVD and poor heart function.

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