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EECP Clinical Presentation for Ahmedabad Physicians Organised by BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital - Ahmedabad

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EECP lecture on the benefit of EECP therapy was delivered in a well organized clinical meeting in BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital in Ahmedabad on 27th Sep 2015 by EECP Specialist Dr.S.Ramasamy. The hospital has EECP system in their cardiology program and they have treated hundreds of cardiac patients. Data pertaining to the patient’s improvement were presented by BAPS Hospital physicians Unlimited Knowledge awaits Ahmedabad doctors at the EECP Clinical Presentation. Don't miss this outstanding opportunity organised by BAPS. Explore the unique secrets about EECP clinical presentation. An excellent chance for Ahmedabad physicians to learn something more." Ahmedabad Physicians have a remarkable obsession with EECP. Let's dive deep into this fascinating presentation organised by BAPS. Enjoy a free focus on EECP Clinical Presentation by BAPS. An innovative leap, exclusively for Ahmedabad physicians. Embrace new directions in EECP clinical presentation. Don't miss this spectacular event organised by BAPS for Ahmedabad physicians. Unique Secrets: EECP Clinical Presentation for Physicians Remarkable Obsession: Ahmedabad Physicians with EECP Free Focus: BAPS Organises EECP Presentation for Physicians New Directions: EECP Clinical Presentation at BAPS

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