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Dr.S.Ramasamy Heal your Heart Director Delivered a Lecture on Central Aortic Blood Pressure at National BPCON 2018 conference in Chennai.

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Press Release 10th September 2018.

28th National Conference of Indian Society of Hypertension BPCON 2018 was held from 7th to 9th September 2018 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Annasalai, Teynampet, Chennai The conference is hosted by Association of Physicians of India, Chennai Chapter. BPCON 2018 is an “Indian National Meeting on Hypertension and Co-Morbidities”.

Dr.S.Ramasamy Heal your Heart Director Delivered a Lecture in Chennai.

Meeting on Hypertension and Co-Morbidities”.

Dr.S.Ramasamy Lecture on Central Blood Pressure on 8th Sep 2018 at BPCON 2018 in Chennai.

Dr.S.Ramasamy Director of Heal your Heart EECP centre delivered a lecture on “Central Aortic Blood pressure” on 8th September 2018 at the conference.  The lecture covered the Rationale of measuring central blood pressure in the management of hypertension. The lecture was attended by more than 200 physicians across the country and International faculty.

The synopsis of the lecture.

Central blood pressure is emerging as a better predictor of cardiovascular outcome than brachial pressure. Central blood pressure has shown as a better reflection of target organ damage when compared with the brachial pressure. Using Brachial pressure as a surrogate of central blood pressure is been now considered as not accurate. The central blood pressure is always different than brachial pressure and the difference depends on the pressure amplification due to arterial stiffness. The drugs effect on brachial and central also is different, promoting many pharmaceutical company to establish their blood pressure lowering effect in the central pressure. In future hypertension management will be based on arterial stiffness and central systolic and pulse pressure.

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