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Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is done by giving Intravenous infusion of Ethylene Diamine Tetra acetic Acid (EDTA) usually in the dose of 50 mg / Kg, with Heparin, Magnesium Chloride / Local anaesthetic to prevent pain / and several vitamins including Vitamin B & Vitamin C. Chelation centre claims this combination will remove heart blocks. This is done by independent centres by some doctors not trained in cardiology and unqualified persons in medicine.
The Chelation therapy some renamed them as Bio Chemical Angioplasty to confuse the patients and to relate it to proven time tested treatment like angioplasty.

This treatment is non evidence based, with no explanation of how it will remove the blocks. After treatment patients are simply told the block is removed. In some centres they do some test like cartography which is not known to medical community anywhere in the world other than in their own centre claiming patient block is now removed. Usually patients are discouraged to undergo angiogram or any other cardiac evaluation which can detect the block in the artery after the treatment.

Why Chelation is Bad to your heart.

Chelation involves injection of vitamins with EDTA dissolved in IV fluids. These vitamins are given in high concentration, for example the dose of vitamin C was 2,000%, thiamin, 6,667%; and vitamin A, 500% of the normal recommended dosage. These high concentration have the potential to overload the kidney which has to excrete them. Most patient with heart diseases also has Diabetes for long periods and they have reduced kidney function. Sudden long term injection of high concentration of this supplements most of the time end by injuring the already compromised kidneys. This lead to patient ends up in kidney failure and dialysis. Many patients end up with high creatinine level which shows kidney function is not normal and end up referred to Nephrologist for further management.

Many patients with heart disease have reduced heart pumping function. Once heart pumping function is reduced its called heart failure and physician treat them by removing fluid from their body by medication ( diuretics ) and put them on water and salt restriction. During Chelation therapy the centres give IV fluid and overload their circulation with Fluid which leads to worsening of heart failure. These patient after Chelation therapy end up admitted in Hospital with Pulmonary oedema ( fluid accumulation in Lungs).

Biochemical Angioplasty.

Some centres offer the same Chelation therapy in different name and called them Bio Chemical Angioplasty. Claiming they have used correct dosage and with experience they choose the dosage person to person. This claim is laughable as all dosage and prescription in modern medicine is based on clinical trials. This shows that they are far away from evidence based medicine.

They go on claiming that just like a house wife fix the blocked drainage using solution to break the blockage they used chelation to soften and remove the block. This is the greatest mockery of evidence based medicine in simple terms.

The modern cardiology treatment manage to stabilise the block ( Plague ) so they wont rupture and cause heart attack. These chelation centres without even knowing the basis of cardiology treatment claims they can successfully soften , break and remove the block.

The fact is if the blocks are broken as they claim it would only leads to heart attack. These small part of the block after breaking up will move down the artery until the artery diameter get smaller and causes complete blockage of the artery lumen and causes Heart attack.

Cardiology society of India and Association of Physician of India had made great success to make the evidence based medicine reaches eligible cardiac patients. They should also take a stand against these non evidence based, harmful treatment been provided to cardiac patients through false promises.

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